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novaAudit – PowerCloud Edition for audit management

Efficient, flexible and smart audit management

Audit management is an essential component of successful business management and describes the process that coordinates the planning, execution and monitoring of reviews and audits. Successful auditing is critical for ensuring regulatory compliance, preventing errors and fraud, and improving the effectiveness and efficiency of business processes. With novaAudit - PowerCloud Edition, our audit management solution, you can make your auditing processes faster, more transparent and easier. All with a 100% Microsoft 365 integrated solution that runs in your self-managed Microsoft environment.

novaAudit - PowerCloud Edition is designed to allow you to map diverse audit scenarios such as Internal Audit, Quality Audits, Internal Controls, Supplier Audits, etc. with the no-code/low-code approaches. The flexibility of customization is the most powerful feature of novaAudit - PowerCloud Edition.

Audit management challenges

Specific expertise

Audit management requires specific expertise in areas such as risk management, compliance and finance. Implementing effective systems requires a deep understanding of these concepts and their application to business processes.

Compliance requirements

Companies often have a non-existent or very complex data management system. In order to carry out effective audits and meet compliance requirements, the required data must be organised and managed correctly.

Tools & Systems

Another challenge is the use of new technologies such as big data analytics, AI and cloud computing. Companies need to ensure that they have the right tools and systems in place to deal with these technologies and continue to manage their business processes effectively.

novaAudit for process and user-oriented auditing

As an all-in-one solution, novaAudit - PowerCloud Edition combines all functions and process steps in one system in order to carry out a complete audit and output it in a report. There is no need for time-consuming manual data preparation for reporting, and the information can be accessed centrally. Thus, novaAudit - PowerCloud Edition simplifies data and document management and accelerates the process.

Developed from practice and for practice

Since its initial release in 2007 - initially based on SharePoint - the continuous further development of novaAudit has incorporated specialist expertise from numerous use cases and best practices. The latest version of novaAudit - PowerCloud Edition was developed in close cooperation with our customers and partners Bertelsmann, RTL, Swisscom and the DFKI (German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence). Their professional expertise from audit management practice - and its complexity, especially in large corporations - guarantees that novaAudit - PowerCloud Edition offers solutions for a wide range of application purposes and passes every practical test.

In addition, novaAudit - PowerCloud Edition implements the entire audit process, taking into account the specifications and guidelines of the best practice approach of the DIIR (German Institute of Internal Auditors).

Technology enables full M365 integration and highest security standards

Graphic underlying Microsoft technology for novaAudit - PowerCloud Edition

The underlying Microsoft technology enables full integration of novaAudit - PowerCloud Edition in Microsoft 365 - a decisive advantage during implementation, because your users work in the already familiar user interface in Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365 and benefit from the integration in Microsoft Teams during collaboration. With the Microsoft Power Platform as a basis, novaAudit - PowerCloud Edition also enables your users to access the cloud solution from anywhere and at any time. In addition, the implementation of third-party systems is possible.

The technology offers you and your employees not only the highest flexibility and integration capability in use, but also maximum adaptability and expandability. The flows initially developed by us can be adapted by you if (future) requirements arise. This means that you are not dependent on us as the manufacturer if your requirements change. Operation in your company's own Microsoft Cloud not only ensures stable performance, but also guarantees compliance with your company's security standards.
This makes novaAudit - PowerCloud Edition currently the only solution for audit management on the market that achieves 100% Microsoft integration and the highest security standards.

Overview of novaAudit - PowerCloud Edition

  • All-in-one solution: the entire auditing process (management & reporting) is optimized

  • Fully realizable and scalable with Microsoft 365

  • Cloud-based solution enables access anytime & from anywhere

  • Subject to your company's security standards

  • Easy operation for auditors and auditees due to familiar user interfaces from M365 & Dynamics 365

  • Effortless integration into everyday work through integration with Microsoft Teams

  • Unified information storage & accelerated data processing

  • Third-party systems integration possible

  • All phases of the DIIR (German Institute of Internal Auditors) best practice approach are mapped

  • Highest flexibility for adaptations and extensions by the customer - no dependence on us as manufacturer

Graphic of the areas of application of novaAudit - PowerCloud Edition

For which audit processes you can use novaAudit - PowerCloud Edition

novaAudit - PowerCloud Edition can be used in a variety of ways in your company and has already been tested in various use cases:

  • Audit planning
  • Risk analysis
  • Resource planning
  • Audit preparation and execution
  • Fieldwork
  • Management Reporting
  • Actions & follow-up
  • Audit reports

Furthermore, a generic audit process development for further UseCases and the extension of processes/flows for your company is possible - independent of us as implementation partner.

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