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Azure - the Microsoft cloud platform

Use our Azure consulting services and Azure landing zone approach to optimize your cloud infrastructure and business processes

Microsoft Azure provides a technical foundation to map individual company architectures in the cloud, either via Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) or Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS). Microsoft has been investing in security, performance, and enhancements to this cloud platform since 2010.

Why choose Microsoft Azure?

Automated provisioning

Scalable provisioning due to infrastructure as code

High security standards

Microsoft invests more than USD 1 million per year in the protection of customer data

Available around the world

Global distribution of Azure data centres enables you to create services where they are needed

Cost-effective services

You only pay for what you use with Azure Cost Management

Azure consulting services

Whether you opt for public (Azure), private (Azure Stack HCI) or hybrid cloud solutions, our Azure consulting services will support you whatever the destination of your cloud journey, ensuring that it is secure, cost efficient and reusable.

Plan, Build, Repeat
Efficient Migration
Governance & Security
Optimizing your Azure Services
Reliable Service & Operation

Basis for your cloud migration: Azure landing zone

Azure landing zone concept

Microsoft developed the ‘Azure landing zone’ concept to help you build and operate cloud infrastructures or workloads simply, securely and in a scalable manner. Azure landing zones:

  • form the basic infrastructure for cloud workloads,
  • contain best practices (including for governance, compliance and security),
  • and can be used again and again as a starting point for additional developments.

We have developed a starter kit to help you benefit from the concept and its potential swiftly and smoothly: the Azure Landing Zone Foundation Approach.

Azure Landing Zone Foundation Approach

Whether you want to migrate just a few workloads or your whole data centre, our Azure Landing Zone Foundation Approach starter kit will ensure that your cloud project succeeds.

We share our best practices with you, give you basic principles of governance and compliance out of the box, support you on the way to achieving your target architecture, and implement it securely using automation and infrastructure as code (IaC).

We provide the guidelines your company needs to execute your cloud project effectively and efficiently, from planning to operation.

Your journey into the Microsoft cloud

Are you planning a journey into the Microsoft cloud?

We suggest:

  • Conducting a cloud readiness check
  • Running infrastructure assessments
  • Planning for governance, security and scalability
  • Setting up an Azure landing zone
Are you already using cloud services?

We offer support with:

  • Modernization
  • Governance and compliance
  • Security measures
  • Retroactively setting up an Azure landing zone
Would you like to test its full potential?

We recommend:

  • Conducting a health check
  • Exploring cost optimization (FinOps)
  • Conducting landing zone verification and optimization
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KI.M: Scalable assessment centers in the Microsoft Azure

The cologne institute for management consulting (KI.M), its digital subsidiary (KI.BIT) and novaCapta as a partner, set out to digitalize its assessment centers. In addition to the realization of an interactive platform (KI.PAT), we also supported KI.M in the migration of its solution to the cloud.

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We work collaboratively and use our accumulated expertise to analyse how mature your IT landscape is. Based on the results, we create a tailored roadmap for a move to the public cloud, plus hybrid scenarios.

Get in touch with us

We look forward to hearing from you and will be happy to advise you on the right solutions for you in a non-binding meeting. Just leave your contact details and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

novaCapta: Ihr Partner für die digitale Transformation mit Microsoft Technologien

Managed services

ITIL-compliant service operation management and managed services for the cloud and Azure - free yourself from IT tasks that place an unnecessary operational burden on your team or for which you would have to set up special systems and competencies.

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IT modernization and strategy

Which path is best for you - completely in the cloud, hybrid or on-prem? What about your infrastructure and data security? We help you step by step on the safe way to exploit the full potential of the Microsoft universe for you.

Middle aged Hispanic business manager ceo using cell phone mobile app, laptop. Smiling Latin or Indian mature man businessman holding smartphone sit in office working online on gadget with copy space.

Managed Modern Endpoint: Holisitic endpoint management

Diverse endpoints and applications, different user and IT needs: Endpoint management poses increasingly significant challenges for companies. Our holistic Managed Modern Endpoint approach helps establishing the fundament for a secure, future-oriented modern workplace.

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novaAudit – PowerCloud Edition

novaAudit - PowerCloud Edition as a cloud-based all-in-one solution stands for efficient, flexible and smart audit management. The standard solution with maximum customizability for your optimized auditing.

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We can help you with your technical questions about our services and products.

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IT Governance & Lifecycle Management with novaWorxx

Adapt governance rules and IT processes with novaWorxx - for successful collaboration in the cloud. Create a central basis for a Modern Workplace. Want integration with all Microsoft 365 applications? novaWorxx offers that, too. Learn more now.

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Our offices in Cologne

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Union Investment: Integrated Governance for M365

Union Investment chooses M365, Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Online on Azure - the most advanced cloud delivery platform for business use. Clear governance and user-oriented self-service features are provided by novaWorxx.

Laptop mit Valo Intranet Seite und mit roter Tasse vor einem Wald.

Valo Intranet Exit: Integration and Replacement Options

Valo Intranet is a simple and cost-effective modular solution that fulfills typical requirements for intranet and collaboration very well. Now, Staffbase has announced the discontinuation of Valo Intranet by July 2025. As a leading Valo and Staffbase Premium Partner in the DACH region, we offer you a powerful alternative solution and automated decommissioning of your Valo Intranet.

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Our offices in Hannover

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Enterprise Application Integration

A colorful mix of software applications that communicate with each other and share data in a wide variety of places – Ensure networked systems that talk to each other with our Enterprise Application Integration Framework!