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Integration for data and systems

With our framework ‘Esperanto for EAI’

Every IT system that is launched in a company is its own little world. It has its own language, plus specific rules and procedures that are controlled by various instances. However, just like in the real world, individual systems always depend on each other and have to work together to support complex business processes. This makes data exchange between different applications into a very sensitive and complex process, which can draw on lots of system resources. Our ‘Esperanto for EAI’ framework is a universal translator and helps you to seamlessly integrate a wide range of systems into an overall process, without having to adapt the applications themselves. This helps us reduce development costs considerably.

The world of IT has grown and changed over decades. It consists of lots of individual applications that work together and reach into all areas of the company. The sales department works in a CRM system, which accesses product information stored in a SharePoint farm. In addition, all production processes are controlled by SAP software and supplemented by small, isolated solutions. So it’s quite normal to have a rich mix of software applications that share data and communicate with each other at all sorts of places.
There are some downsides, however. Due to the variety of media, data is often synchronised insufficiently or too late and may contain errors. This results in a large manual effort. Differences in data status make it hard to conduct cross-system analyses without expert help. Metadata is spread across multiple systems and cannot be controlled centrally. And there are many dependencies that you can’t see at first glance and therefore can’t control. It’s hard to foresee effects and dependencies when you change a process.

Functional enhancement with BizTalk, Azure or Open Source Broker

Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) is a huge and expensive challenge in large IT environments. You have to insert new systems into the existing software landscape quickly and effectively and integrate them into the business logic and language. Here at novaCapta, we have many years of experience and will show you how to find the best solution for you, using our framework and an established service broker (Azure Service Bus, BizTalk Server, RabbitMQ and more). Our diverse team of specialists, for example in Azure, Service Broker and MS SQL Server, is available to implement all the different services, applications and architecture components.

Esperanto for data

One of our specialities is consolidating existing landscapes without having to pull the system apart. Instead of reconstructing legacy systems in costly, time-consuming procedures, novaCapta’s approach is to describe the transactions. Our Generic Router & Translator module enables us to map data flow and any dependencies within it very easily. For us, the business entities and transactions within the process are the priority and not the relationships between different pieces of data.

Neural networks with Data Vault

Interactions between systems are linked in the form of a neural network with a similar structure, which maps data flows across systems. An agile business-oriented database template (Data Vault) allows you to map the relevant business processes. Our framework supports this approach and enables you to establish a cross-system language and grammar. That makes it possible to analyse data across system borders. Microservices have an additional benefit, as they allow you to implement changes quickly and flexibly, saving both time and resources.

Our services

Whether you decide to expand your software landscape or are thinking about using the Esperanto for EAI framework, here’s how we can support you:

  • Our architects will help you choose the right solution for your application scenario. Whether setting up, expanding or maintaining large applications that connect various systems with each other, we will support you in each phase of the project. We can contribute our expertise to simplify your decision-making process, especially at the start when it’s all about finding the right combination of solutions and technologies.
  • We can take responsibility for the detailed concept, development, testing and rollout on request, checking in with you when it comes to important decisions. In many cases an architecture concept already exists. If so, we are happy to conduct a review and suggest specific solutions.

Get in touch with us

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