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Our solution for structuring and managing Microsoft 365 to suit your requirements

Microsoft Cloud provides excellent collaboration tools, such as Teams, Planner and SharePoint. But even the best tools are only helpful when used correctly. Reach your company goals faster by tailoring your Microsoft applications to fit the way you work internally. In other words, you can transfer your established structures and processes into your modern workplace. novaWorxx provides easy, straightforward support as you add new rules and guidelines to your governance framework, creating the foundation for long-term collaboration in your cloud.

IT governance and lifecycle management in Microsoft 365

  • Governance for Microsoft Teams and more

    Improve collaboration in Teams by creating a long-term governance framework

  • Templates to meet your needs

    Create new teams, SharePoint sites, groups, etc., in Office 365 using custom templates

  • Lifecycle management

    Keep control of your infrastructure in Teams by deactivating inactive teams or controlling the lifetime of a site.


Easy to configure

novaWorxx is highly configurable even without programming knowledge, making it suitable for complex company structures

Freely scalable solution

novaWorxx grows with your requirements and will remain useful in the long term. It is therefore the ideal tool for structuring and managing Microsoft 365 how you want

Flexible interfaces

Provisioning functions are often required in applications that you have developed yourself. You can seamlessly integrate novaWorxx into your own applications using API or REST services

Keep control, save costs

You specify the rules for your information architecture. Taking control at the beginning means you can avoid time-consuming clean-ups later on, and self-service functions help take the pressure off your IT staff

Microsoft Teams: lifting governance to the business level

A company is a constantly changing organism comprising many different areas and tasks. In very large companies, individual areas often act independently. And even in mid-size and smaller companies, divisions and departments can be quite different from one another. Production staff work differently from those in Sales, for instance. That’s why the necessary templates, stipulations and processes also vary. A set of standard templates or a long list of all sites will not suffice here. novaWorxx not only creates order in the provisioning and management of a modern workplace, but also continually takes into account the various requirements from different areas, dynamically and flexibly.

Overview of functions

Union Investment relies on novaWorxx

novaWorxx provides clear governance and user-oriented self-service functions in Union Investment's modern cloud environment.

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How do you start working with novaWorxx?

The installation and set-up process is mostly automated. To get things running smoothly we recommend keeping the following points in mind:

  • Usually one of our expert consultants will help you with installation and set-up. We’ll talk about your company’s particular requirements in advance and will clarify security matters. We estimate that supported set-up will take about 1–3 days.
  • In our experience it has proven very helpful if, in addition to the documentation, you have a consultant to help you create individual templates. The time required depends very much on your own level of experience and on the number and complexity of the templates. You should usually plan 2–5 days for this.

The exact time depends on various factors, with the company’s size and organizational complexity certainly being the most important, alongside your own level of experience. For instance, the initial time investment is higher for companies with many independent sub-divisions than for those which are more homogeneous.

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