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IT modernization and strategy

Cloud transition and introduction of Microsoft 365/Azure

The cloud makes IT more agile and innovative, and it can support companies enormously when it comes to simplifying operating processes, reducing costs and investing in new markets and services. But you have to make the transition carefully. Which way is best for you? Completely in the cloud, hybrid, or on-premises after all? What about your infrastructure and data security? Do they meet all compliance requirements? We guide you step by step along the path towards optimizing the full potential of the Microsoft universe.

The right cloud strategy

What goals do you want to achieve by moving to the cloud, and are the goals of all stakeholders compatible? Which applications are you keeping, which data is perhaps not even allowed to move to the cloud, and which architecture and technical implementation are the best fit for you and your company’s goals? Moving to the cloud doesn’t just take a whole range of expertise from consultants and from within the company. It also requires all stakeholders to commit to an extensive and long-term cloud strategy that they implement in your company. We work collaboratively and use our accumulated expertise to analyse how mature your IT landscape is. Based on the results, we create a tailored roadmap for the move to the cloud, plus hybrid scenarios – including specific tasks and recommendations. We take aspects like compliance, governance and change management into account right from the beginning. And, naturally, we need to specify future tools and processes and define responsibilities and tasks before the actual move.

Safety first – stay secure with Microsoft

When dealing with large quantities of strategically important company data, it’s important not to neglect security and access control. Drawing on over two decades of experience in developing company software and managing online services, Microsoft provides a fully secure and integrated SaaS platform solution with Azure and Microsoft 365. And our experience enables us to keep you, your infrastructure, your systems and your data secure, with an overall concept that is tailored to your requirements.

IT and cloud strategy – a secure, customized solution

Identity management / Zero Trust

Whether with Azure, AD, MFA, PKI, Zero Trust, SSO or integration with Azure AD, we use Microsoft technologies to analyse, optimize and implement your requirements.

Security for your Microsoft cloud

IT security with cutting-edge Microsoft technology protects your environment from attack. Secure your data in Azure, Microsoft 365 and all other IT systems.

Change management

For us, change requires more than a one-size-fits-all approach; we are familiar with users’ needs, worries and fears as they move towards a digital workplace.

Data centre in the cloud

Azure gives you more than just flexibility: Microsoft also guarantees 99.99% systems availability. We support you with concept creation and the transition.

Windows in the cloud

Full flexibility with Windows 365 and desktop virtualization: work from anywhere in a secure and managed environment.

Telephony in the cloud

Telephone systems in Microsoft 365 give you all the options of a traditional switchboard, but from the cloud and without complicated or expensive equipment.

Manage devices centrally

MS Endpoint Manager helps you manage mobile devices and applications in the cloud, making your day-to-day IT more secure.

Modernized applications

With Frameworks, Power Platform and Teams as a Platform you’ll be perfectly equipped for all requirements, whether low-code or custom developments.

Intranet and Teams

A modern, stable and flexible communication and collaboration infrastructure is now indispensable. With Microsoft 365 and Teams you’ll be ready to go.

Your data in the cloud – migration, back-up and recovery

Migrating your data

There is often a large amount of data that needs moving to the cloud. We help you to transfer data from all the various source systems to its new home. And if you decide against a cloud or hybrid scenario in the end, we will still help you find a suitable solution for your individual requirements because we also know that the cloud is not always the perfect answer. Our years of experience in complex migration projects, together with our methodical approach and the right tools, make us the perfect partner for your migration. And you’ll have access to a well-stocked professional toolbox, thanks to our partnerships with AvePoint, Quest and Sharegate.

Back-up and recovery strategy

A sophisticated back-up and recovery strategy plays a central role in data security. Technical problems or human error can result in data loss, so it’s important to take effective, secure countermeasures. Whether you’re securing Exchange accounts, SharePoint libraries, Teams channels, OneDrive files or other company data, we’ll find the best solution for you. And while we’re at it, we’ll make sure that you meet GDPR, governance and compliance requirements too.

We work collaboratively and use our accumulated expertise to analyse how mature your IT landscape is. Based on the results, we create a tailored roadmap for the move to the cloud, plus hybrid scenarios – including specific tasks and recommendations.

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