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Managed Modern Endpoint

How to provide the modern workplace in a standardized, automated and secure way

Diverse endpoints and applications, different user and IT needs: Endpoint management poses increasingly significant challenges for companies. Our holistic Managed Modern Endpoint approach helps establishing the fundament for a secure, future-oriented modern workplace.

Today's modern workplace is constantly evolving. Not only are endpoints becoming more diverse with laptops, smartphones, tablets, virtual reality glasses, and various applications, but BYOD is also becoming more established. In addition, update cycles are getting shorter. This rapid pace of technological development increases the importance of endpoint management and security. However, here's the next challenge: Many companies have too few IT staff members to handle the wide range of devices in use, support is often reactive, and decision cycles are too long. With a simultaneous increase in cyberattacks, there is a rising risk of errors that can cause high costs.

Building a holistic endpoint management strategy

In addition to these challenges, there is the apparent contradiction between the needs of users and IT: While some users want to access systems and files anytime and from anywhere and share them as part of collaboration, IT focuses on managed access and data protection while also striving to stay innovative.

Within the framework of holistic endpoint management, you need to answer the following questions:

  • Use what you have: How can IT be strategic to business and leverage what it has, to do more with same or less resources?
  • Guarantee safety: How to ensure security in a cloud enabled environment spanning a diverse set of devices?
  • Allow mobility: How to manage mobile users operating from anywhere and anytime?

Our Managed Modern Endpoint approach reconciles the needs of users and IT and addresses the diverse challenges of endpoint management through a holistic strategy. These are the main components:

Device Lifecycle Management

Endpoint Operations Services

Service Desk

Whitepaper: Endpoint Management & Protection

Endpoint is the new workplace that needs to be managed and, above all, protected. In our free whitepaper, you will learn about the hurdles you can overcome with the features of Microsoft Endpoint Manager and how to be prepared for challenges.

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Goal: A forward-looking workplace

Our goal is to work together with you to create a forward-looking workplace through a modern operations mode. This enables end-users by providing them with a consistent, personalized, and seamless experience. Simultaneously, IT is relieved of the burden of monitoring and managing endpoints thanks to automation while maintaining consistently high service quality and security. With our Zero Trust strategy, we make the security of your data the top priority. This mode offers you the following advantages:

  • Standardized device lifecycle and operation
  • Reduced IT workload and fully supported users
  • Secure and modern devices
  • Identified potential for cost and usage


Location: In Offices, Stores

Support Model: In Person, High-Touch

Incident Management: Reactive, Manual

Support Channels: In Person, Phone

Lifecycle: System Ownership and Management


Location: Personalized and integrated anywhere

Support Model: Remote, Self-Service, Zero-Touch

Incident Management: Preventive, Self-Healing, Automated

Support Channels: Intuitive, Easy, Self-Service

Lifecycle: Simplified and Auto-Provisioned

Our services for your managed endpoints

With our Managed Modern Endpoint approach, we offer you 360° support in an all-around carefree package. Our services are based on standards but can be tailored to your individual needs at any time. By choosing novaCapta, you benefit from the following advantages:

Workplace-as-a-Service (WaaS) principle

Total bandwidth for managed endpoints

Managed Services included as a standard

Scalable, attractive flatrate model

Standardized solutions but tailored to your needs

Total know-how for IT topics in the novaCapta

How to realize a 360° service for endpoints

Managed Modern Endpoint 360 Grad Service EN


Holistic endpoint management is like a cycle that we repeat regularly together because we aim not to solidify your status quo but to continuously improve and proactively anticipate new challenges. The four main phases are as follows:

  • Learn about the initial situation and define future standards
  • Get the modern, secure workplace to the people
  • Take care of users and operation
  • Empower the process and ensure further transformation

Our approach for your transition

Our goal is to use our standardized approach as a starting point and tailor it to meet your individual needs.

Vision & Options


Workplace Strategy & Transformation

Strategy developing

Roadmap Design

Assessment & Planning

Transition & Transformation



Microsoft Endpoint Manager: EMM in the Cloud

Microsoft Endpoint Manager is Microsoft's cloud-based solution for managing mobile devices and applications. Protect your data and work in a compliant manner.

Managed services

ITIL-compliant service operation management and managed services for the cloud and Azure - free yourself from IT tasks that place an unnecessary operational burden on your team or for which you would have to set up special systems and competencies.

Managed Modern Endpoint

Endpunkte sind der Kern des Modern Workplace und stellen den Ausgangspunkt für die nahtlose Zusammenarbeit zwischen Mitarbeitenden und für die nahtlose Integration in die IT-Infrastruktur dar. Um das Beste aus dem Modern Workplace herauszuholen, ist eine ganzheitlich verwaltete Endpunktumgebung essenziell.

Device Lifecycle Management

Eine effektive Verwaltung des Gerätelebenszyklus ist viel mehr als die reine Beschaffung, Nutzung und Entsorgung von Endgeräten. Mit unserem ganzheitlichen Device Lifecycle Management steigern Sie nicht nur IT-Sicherheit und Userzufriedenheit, sondern auch Effizienz und Produktivität Ihres Unternehmens.

Endpoint Operations Services

Ein reibungsloser Endpunktbetrieb ist essenziell für die Leistungsfähigkeit und IT-Sicherheit von Unternehmen. Mit unseren Endpoint Operations Services haben Sie jederzeit einen transparenten Überblick über den Status aller genutzten Endpunkte und können den täglichen Herausforderungen proaktiv begegnen.

MME Service Desk

Die Herausforderungen von Endpoint Management und Security werden immer größer. Viele Unternehmen verfügen dafür nicht über genügend IT-Personal mit entsprechendem Know-How. Mit unseren Managed Services entlasten Sie Ihr IT-Team und sorgen dennoch für die nötige Sicherheit und Effizienz bei der Verwaltung von Endpunkten.

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