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An intranet solution that suits your requirements perfectly

– Benefits, functions and solutions

An intranet comes alive when it connects people with other people. The desire for communication, interaction and internal networking is increasing, with networking in particular becoming more and more significant in intranet design. We need interaction and dialogue so that we can keep learning and generating new ideas. With an integrated world and the right digital features, the digital workplace is not far off.

Intranet with Office 365 – your scalable intranet solution

You’ll be fit for the future with an intranet based on Office 365: Cutting-edge technology with extensive functions for news, collaboration, networking and services offers you a flexible, scalable platform. You can use the tools available in the standard system to create a modern intranet and enjoy the benefits of full Office integration without having to put in lots of work.

Intranet for your company – benefits for all

Increase productivity

as knowledge is available centrally

Foster innovation

through communication and cooperation

Save time

thanks to a quick and direct flow of information

Anytime and anywhere

thanks to a responsive, contemporary intranet

Your intranet with Office 365 – proceed with a plan

A good intranet is set up in such a way that staff can find their way around quickly and easily. Teams, OneDrive, Outlook and other Office apps cater for all your needs. And yet the immense diversity of the Office 365 range can also become a hurdle with too many apps and too many options, leaving structure, alignment and meaningful integration to fall by the wayside. That’s why it’s important to look closely at your requirements right at the beginning when you’re designing your intranet.

We hold workshops to take you through requirements analysis, information architecture and technology consulting, and we work together to create a roadmap. Our experts get you ready to go, with the right design, change support and training, plus a fast and professional technical implementation of your new intranet.

Adolf Würth GmbH & Co. KG: Personalizable Intranet

An intranet on SharePoint 2016 with templates, personalized search page and user generated content? novaCapta shows at Adolf Würth GmbH & Co. KG what is possible.

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Design, UX and UI in your intranet

It goes without saying that your new intranet should be decked out in your company’s branding, but it’s also important to create a good, intuitive user experience and come up with a functional design. These are things that we always focus on in our projects. Your staff should feel comfortable using the applications. And with user interface design, too, form follows function. More than anything, it’s great usability that makes an interface beautiful. So we always focus on usability, or on software ergonomics, because it’s no good having a great aesthetic if it’s not easy to use.

Design options in SharePoint

When it comes to design, the main difference is that you can adapt master pages, create your own page layouts and use your own CSS. So, in the classic SharePoint view, you can customize it down to the last detail and change the position of elements such as navigation. In modern SharePoint, you can only customize via themes and by creating your own SPFx web parts. With themes, you only change certain slots in SharePoint based on a set theme or colour selection. This has no influence on the font colour or the background colour, and you can’t change all areas that way. We can also make further individual adjustments to logo, fonts, icons and other elements as part of the project, as far as technically possible. However, we can only ensure the design matches your corporate identity completely by using web parts we have developed ourselves. Our aim is always to work as much as possible in the standard system, so we can provide you with swift and simple solutions. But we can also build fully custom-designed intranets to meet your requirements. We’ll draw on our expertise to help you find the best solution for your needs.

What about modular solutions and firstline workers?

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