Working with Power Platform

Business applications with Power Platform and Dynamics 365

Power Platform is a great choice for an almost unlimited number of use cases – whether you want to simplify complex approval processes, run onboarding processes, or automate very specific, business-critical processes. It is also very easy to add Dynamics 365 modules.

We are Power Platform pioneers, and we analyse, design and build the application you desire. We take an agile implementation approach, using services from the Microsoft/Office 365 portfolios and from Dynamics 365. That way, cutting-edge integration scenarios become realistic and affordable. We use tried-and-tested services to enable high-quality integration scenarios. In addition, one of our basic principles is sound governance. This allows you to use the platform as widely as possible, without losing the necessary control over your company data or business processes.

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The path to success with Microsoft Power Platform

  • Identify the potential of using Power Platform
  • Create custom solutions based on Power Platform
  • Prepare the way for long-term success with Power Platform by
    • Implementing a governance framework 
    • Providing training and coaching
    • Encouraging citizen developers
    • Conducting a solution review and customizing the design

Benefits of Power Platform

Our services

Analysis, design and implementation

We analyse your starting situation, and together we design your ideal solution based on your requirements and drawing on our wealth of experience. You can evaluate the results of the implementation as we go along. It’s important to us to support you throughout the project cycle, so you can rest assured that you’re getting all services from a single source.

Agile implementation process

We execute the project in short iterations. You can evaluate the results as we go along and redefine your priorities for the coming iterations. The priority here is to achieve results with a high level of practical relevance, meaning users can assess the look and feel of the application during the project.

Enterprise integration

Integrating existing applications into the new one is a fundamental element of a successful app. We do that using an array of standard Power Platform connectors. But for custom requirements we can, of course, create and enhance our own connectors to maximise your integration potential.

Cutting-edge technological approaches

We use the innovative options Power Platform provides and constantly keep up to date. For the implementation we place great value on an up-to-date architecture that takes into account all new developments. We always work with you to decide exactly which technologies are to be used.

Cost-effective implementation

We ensure that the implementation is cost effective and efficient by choosing reusable components from our repository and complying strictly with best practices. We naturally adhere to current Microsoft guidelines regarding operation, licensing and implementation scenarios.

Operation and maintenance

A good mobile app doesn’t just run itself. Each app needs to be maintained and developed. We can take care of that, too, to ensure continued success and – not least – protect your investment. We keep the app up to date in line with the latest developments and ensure good stability and error handling in day-to-day operations. We ensure that the app remains useful in the long term by taking targeted preventive steps.

PUMA: Platform for low-code/no-code solutions

Thanks to the Microsoft Power Platform, PUMA benefits from customized services that can be created without major development effort. The new business processes can be flexibly expanded, further developed, scaled and centrally tracked via the Center of Excellence.

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