Microsoft Endpoint Manager (Intune)

Configuration Manager and Intune on one platform

Remote work, the ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD) approach and a continually growing ecosystem with a whole range of devices – these are just a few of the growing client management challenges that IT is facing. Not to mention the delicate balancing act between usability, more control over configuration, and security or monitoring of all your staff’s devices.

Microsoft Endpoint Manager integrates the wide array of client management tasks, helping you to support your staff quickly and easily in their day-to-day work.

  • Manage the mobile devices that your staff use to access company data
  • Manage the mobile applications that your staff use
  • Protect your company data by controlling access and restricting sharing with third parties
  • Ensure that devices and apps always meet your company’s security requirements.

The security of your data is our top priority. With our expertise and the right technology, there’s nothing to stop you from moving securely into the cloud. Find out for yourself and set up a free consultation appointment today.

Functions of Microsoft Endpoint Manager

  • Get a clear overview of updates and make apps available with ease
    Is the latest Windows update causing problems again? Is a notebook missing important security updates? Microsoft Endpoint Manager allows you to keep control of when, where and how updates are distributed. Endpoint Manager’s company portal enables you to provide your staff with the software and apps that they need to work productively. Define the applications as part of the standard repertoire, or make them an option that users can access in just a click.

  • Unpack, log in and get started with zero-touch provisioning
    Whether in the office or working from home, zero-touch provisioning allows you to provide new employees with endpoint devices fully automatically. The operating system and software, plus guidelines, settings and security standards, are set up in line with the employee account. It doesn’t matter whether the first login is in the company network or at home – for the IT department it’s all zero touch.

  • Identify problems proactively using Endpoint Analytics
    A notebook that often needs more than five minutes to boot up? An app that keeps crashing? Endpoint Manager’s integrated endpoint analysis enables you to identify client problems early on. That way, you can solve them proactively, avoiding downtime and frustration for your staff.

  • Effective protection from digital threats
    Viruses, Trojan malware, spyware and data theft are serious threats for any company, and inadequately protected devices often provide a way in.
    Endpoint Manager allows you not only to protect your data, but also to see where there are risks, so you can combat them proactively.

  • Flexible use in all common operating systems
    Microsoft Endpoint Manager is compatible with Windows, iOS, MacOS and Android, and it integrates seamlessly with the Windows operating system. Its mobile device management can also flawlessly handle different smartphones and tablets, so you can support a wide range of different devices. This gives you a clear overview, particularly with BYOD.

Enterprise mobility management

Managing devices

You differentiate here between company-owned devices and private devices. For company-owned devices you can exercise full control over the devices, including settings, functions and security as required. The policies you set for passwords, security measures and connection options come into effect once the device is registered.


In the case of personal devices (BYOD), you can continue to keep private and business matters separate. There are various options for this, including full control, different work profiles using Azure AD integration, or regular multi-factor authentication for various applications. We’ll be happy to help you choose the option that best suits your needs.

Managing Apps

Mobile application management helps you protect your company data at application level, including user-defined applications and storage applications. You can manage apps on both company-owned and personal devices.

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